Attractions (die Sehenswürdigkeiten)

Wednesday 20th January 2010

The Belvedere Tower

The tower has a revolving restaurant at the top where you can eat a delicious meal or snack and see a full panoramic view of the surrounding area of Aachen. It revolves one complete revolution in one hour.

Bäckerei Klein

Visit the bakery to stock up on Aachen's traditional biscuits - delicious Printen can be hard or soft and are made with rich spices, herbs or nuts. Some are decorated with icing; others are covered with tempting chocolate. Society Members watch a demonstration by Herr Klein during 2008 visit to Aachen and buy enough to take home.

Lindt Chocolate Factory

For all chocolate lovers, the Lindt Factory Outlet is an absolute must. Buy your favourite Lindt chocolate at significantly reduced prices - much cheaper than any retail shop.

International Newspaper Museum (das Internationales Zeitungsmuseum)

The collection of the International Press Museum contains more than 200.000 issues and has become a world wide famous museum for newspaper and press history. This unique collection is based on international newspapers from five centuries and is located in an impressive residential house from the 15th century.