The West Yorkshire Lieutenancy

Wednesday 29th November 2017

The Chair of the Society, Trevor Briggs, welcomed guests from the Calderdale German Circle to the November meeting and introduced the speaker for the evening, Kevin Sharp D.L. who is Clerk to the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy.
He gave a fascinating and insightful talk on the origins and modern role of this office which began in the 16th century when Henry VIII appointed a Lord Lieutenant as his representative in each part of the country to protect the land and resist invasions from foreign powers.
Nowadays the Lord Lieutenant is supported by a Vice Lord and Deputies. Their role includes making arrangements for visits by members of the Royal family to West Yorkshire and representing the Queen at important local events. We heard about visits that have taken place recently in Calderdale and some of the interests of the Royals.
Afterwards everyone enjoyed supper together.
Geoff Barnes
Vice Chair and Publications Officer