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30 Years of Happiness

Wednesday 27th February 2013 7:30PM

30 Years of Happiness was the intriguing… [read more]


Showtime - A Musical Quiz

Wednesday 30th January 2013 7:30PM

At its January meeting, members took part in an entertaining… [read more]


An Everest Panorama

Wednesday 28th November 2012 7:30PM

An Everest Panorama was the title of an entertaining talk… [read more]


Percival Whitley

Wednesday 31st October 2012 7:30PM

Local historian Dr John Hargreaves gave a very interesting talk… [read more]


The Village Butcher

Wednesday 29th August 2012 7:30PM

Frank Wright gave an entertaining talk at the August meeting… [read more]


Biennial Visit to Aachen

Sunday 8th July 2012 12:00AM

Report for the 2012 Visit to Aachen - see Previous… [read more]


Diamond Jubilee Concert

Wednesday 30th May 2012 12:00AM

Halifax Aachen Society was delighted… [read more]


Hong Kong

Wednesday 25th April 2012 12:00AM

"Hong Kong Connections" was the intriguing title of Dorothy Moore's… [read more]


Competition Winner

Wednesday 4th April 2012 12:00AM

The winner of the second competition arranged by the Society… [read more]


Forget Me Not

Wednesday 28th March 2012 12:00AM

At the March meeting of the Society Ian Wilson provided… [read more]

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