Environmental Policy

Wednesday 28th January 2009


The Halifax Aachen Society is concerned to play a full part in caring for the environment, for the benefit of the present and future generations. In carrying out its activities it will bear in mind the need to
ª Reduce its use of finite earth's resources,
ª Reuse resources wherever possible (instead of using additional resources),
ª Recycle unwanted articles (instead of putting them in the refuse bin)
ª Repair damage done to the environment.
It will do this by adopting the following principles:
1 Reduce
We will try to Reduce our use of finite resources by -
þ sharing travel to meetings where possible,
þ using public transport when available,
þ bearing in mind the environmental costs of travel when planning exchange visits to Aachen,
þ reducing the amount of waste we create at our meetings by trying not to over-order food items which cannot be stored for use on another occasion,
þ lessening the amount of electricity we use by switching off unnecessary lights and other equipment,
þ reducing the amount of paper we use - using email communication where possible and asking members not to print the emails if they don't need to
2 Reuse
We will try to reuse resources as many times as possible by -
þ making use of crockery and cutlery rather than disposable cups and cutlery,
þ reusing paper printed on only one side - for drafts and emails
3 Recycle
We will try to recycle as much as we can, including -
þ paper no longer needed e.g. copies of Minutes, flyers advertising events
þ glass jars e.g. coffee
þ printer cartridges
4 Repair
We will try to repair damage we have caused to the environment, by -
þ planting trees to counterbalance the emissions we create,
þ contributing to organisations that arrange for trees to be planted e.g. Treesponsibility
This policy will be reviewed from time to time and amended if necessary.

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