Wednesday 26th September 2018

The objectives of the Society shall be to maintain and develop friendship between Halifax and Aachen.The Objectives are to be read out at every Members' Meeting.
Shall be non-political and non-sectarian.
The Officers shall consist of:





Assistant Treasurer

Chairperson: To take charge of meetings and to be the principal spokesperson, representative and figurehead of the Society.
Vice-Chairperson: To take over Chairperson's duties when the Chairperson is unavailable.
Secretary: Is responsible for calling Members' Meetings of the Society and Committee Meetings, including keeping Minutes. The Secretary is responsible for all matters relating to the exchange visit to Aachen and also in alternate years the visit to Halifax by the party from Aachen. S/he has the authority to make any decision concerning these visits but is ultimately responsible to the Committee for any and all decisions s/he makes. The Secretary also deals with correspondence on the Society's behalf, bringing correspondence to the Committee when appropriate.

Treasurer: Is responsible for all monies. In order to withdraw money from the Society's Savings account one signature is required, being any one of Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or Secretary. In order to withdraw money from the Society's Current account two signatures are required, one being that of Treasurer and any one of Chair, Assistant Treasurer or Secretary.

Assistant Treasurer: To assist the Treasurer in dealing with the Society's finances.

The Society shall provide two representatives on the Calderdale Twin Links Committee and they shall provide a report to the Committee on the proceedings of these meetings.

Chairperson Shall be elected every two years.


Vice-Chairperson Shall be elected every year.

Secretary Shall be elected every two years.
Treasurer Shall be elected every two years.
Assistant Treasurer Shall be elected every two years.
In order to provide continuity on the Committee -
Elections for the Chairperson and for the Secretary shall take place in alternate years.
Elections for the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall take place in alternate years.


Four members of the Society shall be elected as Committee Members to serve a two year period. Two Committee Members will come up for re-election every year.
The five elected Officers and the four elected Committee Members shall constitute the Committee.
The Committee shall appoint a Membership Secretary, a Speaker Finder and a Press Secretary.
The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for supervising and recording Membership.
The Speaker Finder shall be responsible for organising speakers for the monthly meetings of the Society.
The Press Secretary shall be responsible for liaison with the Media.
Two internal Auditors or one external Auditor shall be appointed by the Committee for a period of one year.
If a Committee vacancy occurs during the year due to a resignation, at the next AGM the vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of a replacement Committee Member who shall hold office only for the unexpired term of office of the Committee Member in whose place s/he has been appointed.
The Committee will endeavour to encourage and enable contacts between people in the Aachen and Halifax areas, giving priority to requests from Members of the Society. The Committee may appoint, if it so wishes, an Exchange Co-ordinator, to assist with arrangements for exchange visits/placements separate to the regular biennial exchange visit.
If a Committee Member misses three successive meetings without reasonable explanation s/he shall be obliged to tender his/her resignation to the Secretary. Whether or not the resignation has been submitted, the removal of the Committee member shall be considered and may be confirmed at the next Committee meeting.
All nominations for positions of Officers and Committee Members are to be handed in to the Secretary before or at the Members' Meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting. If the Annual General Meeting should fail to raise the required number of Committee Members or if there is a resignation from the Committee at any time through the year, the Committee shall have powers to co-opt additional Member/s for the period until the next AGM.
A minimum of nine monthly Members' Meetings and additional social events are to be held, normally at the Maurice Jagger Centre, Winding Road, Halifax, at 7.30 p.m., on the last Wednesday of the month unless otherwise arranged, and a minimum of four Committee Meetings annually to be held normally at Halifax Town Hall.
This is to be held at the Members' Meeting in September
This may be called by the Committee or by any six ordinary members. The Secretary on receiving a request from the Committee or signed by at least six members shall within 14 days call an EGM by notifying all members of the Society, giving no less than 21 days' notice of the date of the EGM.
A printed Diary of planned meetings and events is to be provided to Members at the November meeting.

Membership of the Society is obtained by payment of the relevant subscription.

There are four categories of membership:

  • Student Membership (available for individuals who are age 17 years or over as at 31st August preceding the start of the Society and are participating in Further or Higher Education).
  • Introductory Membership (available for the period until the next AGM for individuals who are age 12 years or over as at 31st August preceding the start of the Society year and who have not been a Member of the Society for at least the preceding five years).
  • Individual Membership (available for individuals who are age 12 years or over as at 31st August preceding the start of the Society).
  • Family Membership (Family Membership includes one/two parents and their children up to and including the age of 16 years as at 31st Aug)
The subscriptions for all categories of Membership shall be considered by the Committee and any proposed changes submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval.
Subscriptions for Individual and Family Memberships are to be paid within two months of the date of the Annual General Meeting.
New members who join the Society on/after 1st May in any year are not required to pay a subscription until the following Annual General Meeting unless they are going on an exchange visit before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
Everyone going on the group exchange to Aachen MUST be
Members of the Society.

May attend two meetings per year before they are required to become Members by paying the annual subscription.


All the arrangements for furthering the Objectives of the Society and for control of all financial matters shall be the responsibility of the Committee.

The Secretary and other Committee members will be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses approved by the Committee.
If a Member withdraws from a visit to Aachen, having paid a deposit, any question of a refund shall be a matter for the consideration of the Committee.
Anyone who has been a host during the previous visit to Halifax of the Aachen party will have preference for a place on the visit to Aachen if there is a limited number of places.
If an invitation is received for a representative/s of the Society to attend the Charlemagne Prize Giving Ceremony, the selection of the representative/s shall be as follows - if the Chairperson has not previously attended the ceremony then he/she and a companion of his/her choice should be given the opportunity to do so. If the Chair has previously attended then the opportunity should be given to two Committee members selected by the Committee (For the avoidance of doubt this refers to two Committee members not a Committee member and partner/companion). If two Committee members do not wish to attend then the one or two vacant places shall be offered to Members of the Society. The Committee shall select the representatives if there are more than two Members interested.
If at any time the Society is dissolved and there are any assets remaining on dissolution of the Society, after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities, these shall be disposed of at the discretion of the Committee at that time.
19.ANY MATTERSnot provided for in this Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.
20.THIS CONSTITUTION is standing and can only be changed by the Society at the Annual General Meeting. Any proposed amendment must be handed in writing to the Secretary or to a Committee Member not less than one month before the Annual General Meeting.
21.THE CHAIRPERSON shall have the casting vote if there is equality of voting.
Adopted at AGM 26th September 2018



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