Brighouse Luedenscheid


The link between the towns of Brighouse and Lüdenscheid was founded in 1950.

In 1962 the twin link societies were formed. Annual visits have enabled many close and lasting friendships to be forged, with generous hospitality to guests on both sides being responsible for the success.

  Contacts:    Chris Redfearn, 
   Tel: 01422 206335
       Kaaren Raistrick, 
   Tel: 01274 776186
Elland Riorges Association

Bringing you an interesting insight into a world of cultural exchanges between Elland in West Yorkshire and Riorges in France.

The Association has been operating successfully now for over thirty years since it's inception in 1978.

Hebden Bridge Twinning Society


Hebden Bridge Twinning Society exists to promote and develop social, cultural, educational, recreational, economic and municipal links between Hebden Bridge and District and local communities in other countries. The Society aims to make a positive contribution to the furtherance of peace and understanding between nations.