Donation to Library

During the recent visit to Halifax (July 2013), Karlheinz Dannert, a member of the Twinning Partnership between Aachen and Halifax/Calderdale, presented to Pauline Lancaster of Calderdale Libraries a copy of “Aachen, Halifax and Great Britain”.

This Chronology – nearly 500 pages long – deals with the links between Aachen and this country. The first part of this well researched book covers the period from 89AD to 1944, including connections at the time of the Emperor Charlemagne in the 8th century and the three important European Peace Conferences that took place in Aachen in 1668, 1748 and 1818.

The second part covers the development of the twinning links between Halifax and Aachen which began during post-war reconstruction. These have since led to exchange visits by many local groups, schools and families – continuing right up to the present day.
Pauline Lancaster said the book will be a valuable addition to the Library’s records on twinning and the many people who have been involved in the connections between Halifax and Aachen over more than 60 years.
It will be available to look at in the Reference Library of the Central Library in Halifax.

Geoff Barnes, Publications Officer