Brexit Won’t Stop Twinning!

Further to the reflection written by Canon Hilary Barber in last weeks Courier (Friday May 19th) I should like to endorse the sentiments expressed therein.
The partnership between Halifax and Aachen was first formed in 1949 when a party of people from Halifax went to Aachen to offer the hand of friendship to the people of that city and to help in any way they could.
That initial friendship continues to this day. Our group is very active and we meet on the last Wednesday in every month at the Maurice Jagger Centre in town. Why not come and see for yourselves?
Last year our group  had a stall at the Halifax Gala to try and raise funds for the society, but also to increase awareness in our town about our link with Aachen.
It was quite sad when asking people going by, who we were twinned with to discover that so many people did not know. Many of those asked have lived in Halifax all their lives.
Our German friends will join us this year during the last week of July, and we are again taking a stall at the Gala on the 10th June.
Perhaps if you are interested in knowing  more, you could come and meet us at the Gala and who knows – maybe some of you would like to be involved with our group?
As for Brexit getting in the way – not a chance! Our society was founded on friendship not on politics and long before Euro’s and the EU were even thought of, and it will continue to do so.
We also agree that the Civic exchange should continue, but as always in this town, it was thought to be too expensive and so it was stopped.
If you would like to know more about us or about any of the other Calderdale Town Twinning Societies, please visit our website.

Patricia Atkinson.
Secretary of the Halifax Aachen Society.