Aachen Visit 2018

Members of the Society have recently returned from a very enjoyable eight-day visit to Halifax’s twin town of Aachen in Germany. Visits and exchanges between the two towns have been taking place for almost 70 years and provide a great opportunity for communities in both towns to foster friendships and get to know each other.

Photo – N Atkinson

Once again, we were hosted by families in Aachen which leads to a greater understanding of different ways of life and interests. The Halifax group received a reception from the Lord Mayor of the City in the White Room of the historic Town Hall, the site of the Emperor Charlemagne’s 9th century palace. This room features six portraits of envoys of the powers that brought an end to the Austrian War of Succession with the “Aachen Peace” of 1748.The best known of these is the British Noble the Earl of Sandwich, famous most of all for the fast food named after him.

A programme of activities during the week included a trip to the beautiful city of Maastricht for a cruise on the Maas river, to the Abbey of Val Dieu situated in the wonderful countryside of eastern Belgium and into the hills, forests and lakes of the Eifel region. There were also several social events and on the last day a Farewell Dinner was held at Three-Country-Point, a hill just outside Aachen where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands come together. The Society looks forward to the return visit of the Aachen Partnerschaft to Halifax next year when the 70th anniversary of friendship between the two towns will be celebrated.

Geoff Barnes

Vice-chair and Publications Officer