Scams @ Frauds

The cost of frauds and scams in the country each year is around £9 billion.
Angie Cawthra of West Yorkshire Trading Standards gave an informative and concerning talk to the August meeting of the Halifax Aachen Society on how this criminal activity takes place and its devastating impact on unsuspecting people. Many scams are directed at vulnerable sections of society but can also affect anyone tricked by the perpetrators.  She described the different ways people are deceived by bogus callers and traders, telephone messaging and mail ordering offers. She also gave a number of practical measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling prey to fraudsters, including never releasing bank account details to third parties.
Anyone worried by a possible scam or fraud should take immediate action and advice and support are available from Trading Standards and other agencies.
Remember it is OK to say NO!
The Society’s next meeting is its AGM on 27th September with supper provided.

Geoff Barnes
Vice-chair and Publicity Officer