The Re-building of Elland Bridge

Mike Bentley, a member of Halifax Photographic Society, gave a fascinating account of the £4m re-building of Elland Canal Bridge. The bridge suffered severe structural damage during the Boxing Day floods in 2015.

The water levels reached 6ft higher than normal and severely damaged the foundations for the canal bridge. The water also badly fractured the road surface. Mike’s photographs vividly illustrated his talk of the stage by stage reconstruction.

Among the many complications to the re-build, the engineers had to face building temporary bridges for services and pedestrians.

The arch for the new bridge was constructed in 7 pre-cast sections and the original stone was used for the external face. The voids were filled with concrete to ensure a long life for the new bridge.

By April 2017, the contractor had completed the re-build.

Geoff Barnes,
Vice-Chair and Publicity Officer