Visit by Arnd Drossel

Halifax was on the route that a large metal mesh globe took from Germany to COP 26 in Glasgow. The globe’s route was from Paderborn in Germany to Glasgow. The aim was to reach Glasgow before COP 26 started at the end of October. It aimed to raise awareness about climate change; pointing out that there is only one earth and everyone needs to help look after it.  Arnd Drossel and his assistant, Harry, were either walking inside the globe or pulling it on a trailer from one town to another. They travelled across Germany,  the Netherlands and England and Wales, followed by Ireland and Scotland with the endpoint Glasgow, 1500 km in total.

The object was to cycle between towns and then walk through the town talking to local people and asking them to promise to do something that would make a difference in the climate emergency. Each night, they looked for somewhere to camp and charge the batteries on their electric tricycles.

Photo M Barnes